This is a reminder that your children’s Picture Day is on Sunday January 19, 2020.

We kindly ask that all players arrive promptly 40 minutes before game time. If you do not arrive 40 minutes before the game, there is a possibility that we will not have time to take your child’s picture and there is not a re-take day. Your child will have their pictures taken, before their respective games begin.

Please note, all pictures will be handed out at our annual PAHL Banquet, at the end of the season.

Thank you,

PAHL Staff

Team Selections!

Go Green Minor Peewee Coaches – Adil, Usman, Akbar, Sulaiman Goalie Coach Ryan
10/11 Year
Abdukerim Aisha
Duan Jenny
Hoda Jarir
Hudda Tanisha
Memon Faizan
Barit Raphael
Cuadrante Alessandra
David-Galicia Zoe
Desai Abdullah
Dorji Karma Goalie
Husain Zaid
Small Donte
Adam Zainadine
Padayao Gabriel
Raees Rabees Bin
Mukhi Adil
Pro-Action Minor Peewee Coaches – Chris, Cory, Steve, Darren, Josh, Matt Goalie Coach Ryan
10/11 Year
Jivani Aliyan
Kocko Samuel
Mabassa Kianne
Nazami Tameem
Makda Misbah
Master Shuraim
Raees Rabees Bin
Patel Abdullah
Watson Kyle Mydex
Padayao Gabriel
Raees Rabees Bin
Rafi Tallha
Rizwan Ahmad
Rafi Tallha
Rizwan Ahmad
Wang Serena Goalie
Jumpstart Minor Peewee Coaches – Patrick, Hud, Dawud Goalie Coach Ryan
10/11 Year
Sebest Denis
Simonic Nikolas
Vawda Mohammed
Raees Ayesha
Rivera Arnel
Saleh Hassan
Siddiqui Muhammad
Qaisar Mifrah
Vania Zuhair
Khan Dur-e-shehwar
Khan Zohair
Khan Rayyan
Memon Yaseen
Sulatch Aaishah
Umer Rayyan
De’Ath Ryan
City of Toronto Minor Peewee Coaches – Imtiaz, Wasim, Abubakar Goalie Coach Ryan
10/11 Year
Leslie Raiden
Brown Tae’Shawn
Hatia Ali
Ahmer Zunaira
Ahmed Hibah
Ali Ahyan
Anwar Ali Aneesh Goalie
Asad Ahmed
Bemat Rehan
Desai Abdullah
Galang Gabriel
Gatchalian Kurt Christian
Khairy Sanah
Villamayor Luis
Watson Isaiah Jade
FAJA Minor Atom Coaches – Adil, Akbar, Usman, Sulaiman Goalie Coach Ryan
8/9 Year
Bahadur Zakariyya
Kadva Khalid
Memon Taha
Faraz Laiba
Koya Aslam
Khota Safiya
Savla Bhrithe
Sevilla Adrian
Ali Erina
Baroad Lesha
Bernard Tavion
Charolia Manha
El-Moussadek Maryem Goalie
Hanzala Junsani
Haddougui Omar
Ughratdar Ayesha
Vadia Muhammad
Khan Salman
Amin Kauser
Pro-Action Minor Atom Coaches – Chris, Cory, Steve, Darren, Josh, Matt Goalie Coach Ryan
8/9 Year
Abdukerim Imran
Jogiat Abdullah
Memon Tahir
Teli Muhammad
Motala Muhammad
Muneeb Ezaz
Vallani Abyaan
Villamayor Arrianah
Yousuf Zohaib
Kajani Alishah
Khan Soha
Khurram Zara
Lakhani Alia
Memon Farhan
Zeeshan Khizer Omer
Ahmer Rabia
Al Ferdous Rejwan
Ali Areeb
Tarvids Noah Goalie
Jumpstart Minor Atom Coaches – Patrick, Hud, Dawud Goalie Coach Ryan
8/9 Year
Assaddour Ismail
Jamal Zayan
Tottoc Hayden Blake
Nasir Aziz
Rusdam Abdurusul
Patague Keon
Nabih Youssef
Nabih Hajar Goalie
Nasir Aziz
Natividad Braden
Kazmi Kadeehah
Khan Ammar
Khan Fatima
Khan Ibrahim
Rafi Talha
Rizwan Fatima
Memon Alisha
City of Toronto Minor Atom Coaches – Imtiaz, Wasim, Abubakar Goalie Coach Ryan
8/9 Year
Baroad Muhamad Goalie
Yu Laura
Badat Fatimah
Farooq Umar
Galicia David
Janjua Ahmad Goalie
Patil Shreejeet
Qaisar Mohammad Daniyal
Ndirangu Aidan
Patel Ahmed
Rahman Ibad
Sajjad Laiba
Sajjad Rida
Shaheer Mohammad
Subhani Essa
Teli Zayaan
Ahmad Taha
Barit Shania

Player Evaluation for Team Assignment

Sunday November 24, 2019 – Coaches will be evaluating all players and ready for team placements.


10- & 11-Year Age Group – Scheduled time 3:00pm

8- & 9-Year Age Group – Scheduled time 5:05pm

Sunday December 1, 2019 – Players will be assigned on teams and will be posted on the website. Team practice will be held throughout the month of December. Please follow the posted schedule based on when your child’s team is listed to practice/play. Teams may be subject to change during the season, to provide a balance of play with all the teams.

Goalies – If your child is interested in playing goalie during the season, please advise one the coaches. This season we have a goalie instructor, to support with the skills and development of all goalies.

PAHL Staff

13 October, 2019 12:50

Important Update: Sunday October 20th

First Skate and Equipment Pick-Up

New Registrants and Equipment Pick-up – Arrive at the arena for 2:00 PM. Equipment for the new registrants will be handed out prior to their skate.

Returning Players – Equipment exchanges due to sizing will be completed prior to your child’s ice session.

Below is important information that will help you understand our program and our expectations.

Sunday October 20th will be our first training session of the season. We ask that all players arrive at least 30 minutes before their excepted ice time allocation.

8-year old arrive at 2.30 pm – ice time begins at 3 pm

9-year-old arrive at 3.30 pm – ice time begins at 4 pm

10-year-old arrive at 4.30 pm – ice time begins at 5 pm

11-year-old arrive at 5.30 pm – ice time begins at 6 pm


All guardians must be 18 years of age and older. Failure to follow this PAHL guideline could result in suspension or dismissal from our program. Please note this applies on and off ice.

It is the parent’s responsibilities to visit our website for updates and important information the day before each game.

Each player will be given a gift card to Sport-check for the price of skate sharpening. Please visit the store and have your children’s skates sharpened.

Each player will need a water bottle. It is the responsibility of each player to have their name written on the bottle and to bring along each week.

Any lost equipment shall be replaced at the expense of each player. Players not fully equipped each week, will not be allowed on the ice.

Any further questions or concerns, please kindly direct them to the coaches or PAHL staff.

Thank you,

PAHL Staff

PAHL Season 2019/2020 Registrations and Equipment Fitting

Dear PAHL families,

Welcome to our 11th hockey season of PAHL. We are looking forward to seeing returning players and welcome all our new families.

Registrations and Equipment Fitting:

Date: Sunday September 29, 2019
Location: Angela James Arena
Time: 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

New Players – Registrations and Equipment Fitting – 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Returning Players – Registrations and Equipment Exchanges – 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Returning players please try on your equipment before you come to register. Please bring along your hockey gear, any equipment exchanges to will be completed onsite of we have inventory.

Parents, please ensure to bring two pieces of ID’s on your children’s registration dates.
Thank you,

PAHL Staff

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