Equipment Return

Arrangements have been made to have players equipment cleaned. It is the
player’s/parent’s responsibility to take their complete equipment bag (as issued
at the start of the season) to Just Hockey Source for Sports located at 900 Don
Mills Road to be PROFESSIONALLY cleaned. Failure to do so will result in that
player being excluded from the PAHL in the future. If the player is not returning
or ineligible to play next year, their equipment still must be taken to Just Hockey
for cleaning. Any equipment brought to the arena and/or 54 Division police
station will NOT be accepted! Any equipment not returned will be replaced at the
PAHL player’s expense and result in exclusion from the PAHL.  





A lot of parents are experiencing difficulty putting on the hockey equipment for their kids. Please follow the steps outlined below.

Parents please make sure your kids do not put their equipment on top of their regular cloths that includes JEANS. Kids should put on a pair of thin Pajamas, Thermal legging and top, or Long Johns, this would ensure the kids are comfortable on the ice and allows the equipment to be put on correctly.

Step 1: Put on your undergarment, Thin Pajamas, Thermal Legging or Long Johns. Start of with your protective cup, if you have a garter belt this would secure to your hockey socks.

Step 2: Put on your shin guards and pull your hockey socks over the chin guards and secure them to the garter belt. If you do not have a garter belt you can use stretch tape to secure your socks.

Step 3: Put on your hockey pants

Step 4: Put on your chest protector, elbow pads and neck guard.

Step 5: Put on your hockey jersey over your pads

Step 6: Lace up your skates so they are a snug and secure fit

Step 7: Put on your helmet, and gloves. Pick up your stick and most important have FUN on the ice.


If your require any additional assistance please speak to the equipment managers onsite, they will guide you with the above techniques. You can also check out videos on YouTube if you need to see a visual.

Sulemain Jasat, Shoaib Jasat, and Muhammad Murtaza

PAHL Equipment Managers